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Diary – December 29, 1978

I don’t know what the heck I’m supposed to write in a diary. I just say what I did all day in my other ones. I want to write more how I feel though. If I wrote what I did, … Continue reading

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Diary – April 26, 1981

Well, me and M are still going out, and we’re definitely not shy anymore. But first things first, I got my car, cleaned it up and put carpet in the back. But my mom still won’t hardly let me drive … Continue reading

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Diary – February 18, 1980

Last night I went on my first real date! Me & JK went with VR and LM. We drove to Lakewood and saw Chapter II. It was neat. I kissed him 3 times. 2Wice in the car and once on … Continue reading

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