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Diary – March 10, 1979

So here I am, doing nothing. I am sick of all my friends. Ya wanna know why? Okay, here it is. S is a whore. Well. Maybe not, but she has no respect for herself and neither do I.

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Grandma Was Right – Chapter 8

The next day, Barbie found out from Gerald Edwards that Kelly was staying at Jenny’s for three days while her parents were out of town. “Goodbye mom,” Barbie called, as she walked in the door after talking to Gerald.

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Diary – October 9/November 19, 1979

10-09-1979 RH just called me. I kinda like him. I mean, I’m not totally in love or anything, but I like being with him and I think he’s pretty cute. I kinda knew who he was last year, but I … Continue reading

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Grandma Was Right – Chapter 7

Three days later, Barbie received a call from Kelly. “Hello,” Barbie answered. The voice on the other end of the line said, “Guess who knows what it says in your diary and just might tell everyone?”

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Diary – September 3, 1979

Only one week until school starts. I’m kinda scared and kinda excited. I got a lot of new school clothes.

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Grandma Was Right – Chapter 6

Barbie had just gotten back from the mountains when the trouble started again. She kept getting letters in the mail. They were from Kelly, of course. This is just one:

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Awful Poetry – 05

Among the odd phases I went through in my diaries and journals, like shortening all ing words to in‘, I’ve noticed that my handwriting changes with some regularity. Not just the differences and refinements that occur as a person progresses … Continue reading

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