Diary – December 29, 1978

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01I don’t know what the heck I’m supposed to write in a diary. I just say what I did all day in my other ones. I want to write more how I feel though. If I wrote what I did, you know what I’d write today? “I raked up leaves and let the kids play in them. Me, K and S went in my backyard and did nothing. I went to JK’s.”


Why don’t I have things to write like –

So then me and X went to the park, we sat under a tree and held hands for a while. Then he put his arm around me. Then I wished he’d ask me to go around. We like each other so much. I couldn’t believe it, he said he thought he was in love with me. He leaned over and kissed me, just a little bit.

He wanted to go somewhere more private. So we went over by the backstop, it has a wooden back that is higher than me. I stood against it and he put one of his hands on either side of me. When he leaned over to kiss me I could see his mouth was open a little so so did I. His mouth didn’t taste bad like some other guys do. When we finished kissing, I had to wipe off my mouth. Then we made out totally. It was so great!

That would be a super thing to write and some day I will. Now I will write something true that happened with me and D. “Nothing!” No, just kidding, I’ll write two things.

“It was the last day of school. We all went to McDonalds and then to the park. First all of us just sat around then me and D went off together and everyone followed us. Finally, when we were alone I told him I didn’t want to French yet. “Big Mistake!!!!” Anyway, so then we kissed. It was a long kiss. Like, we didn’t mash our lips up, but they weren’t wide open. It was a nice kiss, warm and happy. It wouldn’t be ’till the day before we broke up that we would kiss good again.”

Now my next story –

“We didn’t have to dress for PE, so me and D went out field. I told him that we had hardly kissed good. So we talked about it for a minute, then he said, “C’mon” and we did.”


I want to totally make-out with someone, my lips are getting twitchy for a good kiss. Do you wanna hear something really funny? D was zilch, but DG, oh boy!! I was only in 5th grade. I was at his house and first we made out in his room, and then in his backyard. D should take lessons from him so he won’t bomb out with the next girl he likes.

What happened with me and DG, it can’t compare with what S did in 5th grade. She did it with an 18 year old guy. And her sister did it in either 7th or 9th grade with GF. Talk about early starters!!!

I hope I meet a guy in Florida this summer. Then I’ll have something to write home about. To my friends that is, my family will be with me. I don’t know if I wanna fly out there. Another plane crashed. But only 10 people got killed.

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    I’ve never rebloged from my other site, Terribly Earnest, where among other things, I post actually entries from my junior high diaries. But this one is just too cringe-worthy not to share.


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