Diary – April 26, 1981

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01Well, me and M are still going out, and we’re definitely not shy anymore.

But first things first, I got my car, cleaned it up and put carpet in the back. But my mom still won’t hardly let me drive anywhere.

I quit my job. It really wasn’t working out. I wasn’t getting along with Mr. P. I quit on the Saturday before Easter and then went to Easter dinner at M’s on Sunday.

Anyway, me and M have been “getting to know each other” lately. We went to Wilderness Park, Furman Park and were sposed to go to the Sixties Dance together, but we went to the movies instead. We went to a pre-dance party, but I felt dumb ’cause it was mostly guys and they were all drinking. Then we both didn’t want to go to the dance.

DW was mad at me because I asked CL to go to The Renissance Faire with me instead of her. See, JG was sposed to go and he wanted CL to go so he could meet her and maybe ask her to Prom. But he got sick and just me, M, her and B went.

CL and I played the funnest game. You shoot sponges with these big slingshots at these guys on haystacks, and which ever guys you hit, you get to kiss. You get 3 sponges for $1.00. CL went first and hit 2 guys, then I went and hit all three. They all kissed pretty good, but this one guy that CL and I both got had too long of a tongue and almost choke us with it.

Then when we went to buy something we saw him again and he gave us tickets for a free shot at the game. So we went back and played again.

We both only hit two guys, mine were pretty good. They kissed me for sooo long! The second guys beard bugged me though. My first guy CL and I both got. They all mashed against us so hard, so now we call that a mashie. M got real jealous though. I went over his house and we kissed for a long time in his room. He kisses good.

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