Diary – March 10, 1979

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01So here I am, doing nothing. I am sick of all my friends. Ya wanna know why? Okay, here it is. S is a whore. Well. Maybe not, but she has no respect for herself and neither do I.

 She was going with this guy named JB, but they broke up because he said he was tired of the same old pussy. S said he probly didn’t even know what a boob was and M said he probly sucked on hers and she said that he only played with them, and she was yelling this in the halls with all these people standing around. No wonder all the guys are always grabbin’ her ass. She don’t care.

C is just trying to be better than me, S gets all PO’d at nothing, CD is a skinny, gross stuck-up scum, B,B,L and S are thieves. They broke into N’s house and took some clothes. S is a conceited fink, A is a horny little butt, D is an immature idiot, N is a loadie, K is okay, CG is dumb and strange. See, I still like all these people, but most of them but me a lot of the time. I just feel more grown up than any of them.

They’re gonna have a Sadie Hawkins dance at our school. I asked D because I want to go, but not alone. I think some things should be saved for high school. Geez, they’re trying to rush us so much.

Totally bitchin’ to the max!! The skates, not the spokesmuderer …

I spent most of today ripping carpet out of the K’s living room. I got paid 10 bucks and I’m gonna help next week and get ten more so I’ll have enough for a pair of skates. They’re neat, they got tennyshoes on top instead of the regular shoes.

I’m on a diet, I’m really hungry to. My room is done. It looks so neat. I used to really miss all my friends on the weekends but now I don’t care, I’m really kinda glad to get away from them. I can’t wait to go to high school then I’ll make a ton of new friends.

Well I gotta go, so see ya!

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