Grandma Was Right – Chapter 7

TE GWR logo 4aThree days later, Barbie received a call from Kelly.

“Hello,” Barbie answered.

The voice on the other end of the line said, “Guess who knows what it says in your diary and just might tell everyone?”

Kelly,” Barbie said, furiously, “If you tell anyone, I’ll … I’ll get you!”

“Kelly,” the voice said innocently, “What makes you think it’s Kelly?”

“’Cause you’re the only one who knows where it is besides me!” Barbie replied.

“Quite right, kiddo, and soon it won’t be just me. Every kid on this street will know what’s in it!”

Barbie was about to start yelling at Kelly when a terrific thought hit her.

“You forget, Kelly,” Barbie said smugly, “I know where yours is, too.”

“Oh no you don’t, I moved it.”

“So? I know what it says in it, and I just might tell everyone all the mushy stuff you wrote about Nick Slaughter.”

“Hey, you can’t do that,” Kelly complained. “Or I’ll tell what you wrote about Dennis.”

“You must have forgotten that I didn’t show you what I wrote about him,” Barbie said happily. “Well, good-bye!”

“But … wait … hey, you …” But Barbie had already hung up the telephone.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! Boy, did that call backfire on her! Ha, ha, ha!”

“Who was that?” Ann asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Barbie told her mother about the phone call and they both had a good laugh.

“Are you really going to tell people what she wrote?” her mother asked, serious now.

“Naw,” Barbie said. “I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“That’s good,” Mrs. Hollis warned her. “Because if you remember, that is what this whole fight was about. And it wouldn’t be fair if you did to Kelly what you’re mad at her about. Understand?”

“Yeah mom, like I said, I don’t want anymore trouble than I already have.”

“Okay, now go somewhere else so I can mop this floor. I swear, the kitchen floor is the biggest and the dirtiest. Why doesn’t this floor stay clean and the bathroom floor get dirty?”

“I guess you’re just lucky, mom,” Barbie joked.

“Oh, get outta here,” said Ann, taking a playful swipe at her.

Barbie walked into the living room and turned on the television. There was an old movie about some guy who had to go to sea and his girlfriend waited for years for lover boy to come home, but he got killed and she didn’t know it, and … well, it wasn’t very interesting, so she turned off the t.v.

“Boy, is it boring here,” she sighed.

“Hey, Barbie,” Ann called.

“What?” Barbie asked.

“How about going to the store to get some milk for me?”

“Okay,” Barbie agreed, as she got some money from her mother’s purse. At least it was something to do.

The store was only down the street, so Barbie walked. On the way she saw Kelly and Jenny riding their bikes around. She hoped they weren’t going to the store. When they disappeared around the corner, Barbie figured that they weren’t. But, as luck would have it, they were their. Kelly and Jenny had gone around the other way and in the back entrance.

If it was just Kelly or just Jenny alone, Barbie might have said something to one of them. But with both of them, she decided to play it cool and try to avoid them.

Barbie sneaked around and tried to get out of the store as quickly as possible. She made it out only to kind that Jenny and Kelly were following her. But to her surprise, they didn’t say or do anything. Maybe they were trying to be friends … maybe.

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