Diary – February 3, 1979

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01We were seeing a film strip in history on Friday. It was totally boring, so I was throwing spit wads at SW. Mr K made me go outside and almost gave me a referal, but he said he unless I start messing around again. I didn’t tell my mom I got in trouble. I’ll tell her in a few months, maybe.

Now, this is something else that I couldn’t tell my mom. Me, BH, AB and her bro KB, DJ and CM were all going roller skating on Friday nite at about 7:00.

Now its wet and 6 teenagers all screwing around and having fun. So the song Shake It Baby* came on and AB goes “Hey, that’s the song that was playing when me and CM were in that crash.” So we all just go, ya know, “Ooooh, bad luck, watch out” just kidding around.

So about 5 minutes later we were going across a wet intersection and we’re all going “C’mon DJ, speed it up, punch it, burn out.” Ya know, so he hits the gas and takes off real fast.

I don’t really remember what happened next ’cause it was all like a dream. Well, we swerved and fish tailed and DJ lost his his brakes and we just miss hitting a rail road crossing thing. So DJ couldn’t slow down and we spun around and hit a parked car with the back end of his car. The car was way leaned over, I say it was on just two wheels but BH says no.

We turned around and pulled into a truckers driveway and costed to a stop. The back end was kinda mashed and two hubcaps were gone, so me and KB found one hubcap but the other was still gone.

I’ll write the rest tomorrow, I’m tired.

*I couldn’t remember the song AB had mentioned so I did a search and found the song on YouTube. I was surprised by what I found it, and also impressed by our choice of music. The I saw that it hadn’t been released until 2007. So I looked a little deeper and found that it’s actually  called Shake It, and our taste in music wasn’t really very impressive.

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