Diary – February 8, 1978

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01While I was standing at my locker getting my science book, MW walked up. We said “hi” to each other, and then he just stood there so I looked at him. Then he said “here Buttercup” and gave me a little heart shaped box of candy, I thanked him and he left. How sweet!

In P.E. We are mad because we’re in Miss Daugherty’s class for a while, so we all started chanting, “We want Mr. S.” Someone said she was crying. I felt bad.

I said “hi” to MW and thanked him a few times for the candy. And after school I said hello to him at our lockers again, and he said, “You don’t have to over do it.”

Can you believe that? After what he said yesterday on the phone?

MW was a boy who had a massive crush on me. He moved away later in 1978, but continued to write for years afterward. And since he brought up “over doing it,” I’d like to shared with you some excerpts from those letters, because irony.

September 1978
Dear Buttercup,
I miss you, but I love you. I need a picture of you, for I’m losing my vision of you.
Since I’ve been up here I’ve been thinking and wondering if I realy love you and if you care if I love you or not? I know only one answer. Do you remember when I said I loved you and you said it was just a crush. I found out it’s not a crush. Therefor I love you. Do you care that I love you?
Please write soon,

November 1978
Dear Buttercup,
I am writing you this letter for only one reason and that is “I love you.”
I like it up here because I have room to sit and think, also I like it here because I’m away from you. I feel that since I’ve been up here my love has grown for you.
Although you don’t care about me, I care very much about you, and I believe that I’m in love and it’s not just a crush.
The most forgetable,

November 1978
Dear Buttercup,
I want to know if you think I’m ugly? Please answer truthfully!
Do you remember when I went to your house early in the morning and dropped that Easter card in your mailbox, I did that because I cared about you. Now I ask you again do you care about me?
The most understanding,

December 1978
Remember when I said that my grades were going up? Well now they are going down. I think it’s because all I can do is think about you. I wish I could get you out of my mind for a while so I can bring my grades back again. If you would write to me I think that just might do the trick.
The most unpopular,

January 1979
Dear Buttercup,
I want to bring something out in the open that’s been bugging me for a long time. I think that I’ve forced you into liking me. Do you feel the same way, I mean do you feel that I’ve forced you into liking me?
I think that you were right this is most likely a crush, but until I can prove to me that it is just a crush, what else can I do except think it’s love?
The one who thinks he’s mad about you,

April 1979
Dear Buttercup,
I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing. I been down in the dumps lately but nobody would guess it because the only time I laugh is when I’m hurting inside which is all the time. Before when I felt down in the dumps I would just call you up and you would make me feel wonderful, but now you are just not there. You probably think that I am crazy but I don’t think so I think what I am is just lonely for someone I can talk to.
Laughabul but Lonely,

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