Grandma Was Right – Chapter 2

TE GWR logo 4aBarbie dreaded school that morning. She wondered how many people Kelly had told about the incident in the park. Ann had gotten a phone call from Kelly’s mother. Kelly’s mother said that Kelly had a big bruise on her stomach.

Kelly’s mother wanted Barbie to get on the phone and tell Kelly she was sorry. Ann saw no reason for her to say anything to Kelly.

The conversation went like this:

“Hello, Barbie? This is Mrs. Ramsey. Is your mom there?”

“Yeah. Just a minute. Mom! Telephone!”

“Yes?” Ann answered the phone.

“This is Mrs. Ramsey. It seems our children got in a fight.”

“Yes, I know all about it.”

“Anyway, your daughter Barbie punched Kelly in the stomach and gave her a bruise and I’d like her to apologize.”

“I don’t expect Barbie to apologize. Your kid started it.”

“Well, you must not be a …”

Mrs. Ramsey didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence because Ann hung up.

“I hate people like that!” Ann said angrily.

On the bus Barbie felt uncomfortable. Kelly and her friend kept looking at Barbie and then whispering to each other and then laughing.

Kelly had the same first period math class with Barbie. Barbie kept looking at Kelly because she always felt that she was looking at her. But she never was.

Their teacher, Miss Perry, thought that something was wrong, so she asked Kelly why they weren’t talking.

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel like talking,” Kelly answered.

That was the slowest school day ever for Barbie. She wanted to get out of school so she wouldn’t be so near Kelly.

After school Barbie went to Jenny’s, even though she didn’t like her too much. When she got there, Jenny’s mother said she was in the back room.

As Barbie neared the room, she heard Kelly’s voice so she stopped to hear what they were saying.

“… and she never wants to let anyone else be better than her.” Barbie recognized Kelly’s voice.

“Yeah, I know. Did she ever see that bruise she gave you?”


“Next time I see her you want me to tell her you got a rib cracked from her hitting you?”

Okay. Well, I gotta go,” Kelly said.

Barbie looked around for a place to hide. She jumped behind the door as Kelly opened it. She waited a few minutes before she went in the room.

“Hi, Jen,” she said, as if she hadn’t heard anything.

“Hi. Where did you come from?”

“Behind the door,” she said coldly. “And I heard what you said, and I think you are about as crummy as Kelly!”

With that, she stormed out of the room. As Barbie got on her bike, she thought that Kelly must have told Jenny what it said in her diary. Both of them were really two-faced.

Barbie didn’t even bother to tell her mother what happened. She went straight to her room and got out her diary. This is what she wrote.

Dear Diary,

Kelly and Jenny are both two-faced. Jenny was nice to me and then she turns around and talks about me. And Kelly said she would always be my best friend. Ha! If I wanted people to read my diary, I would have had it published.


Barbie then put her diary and went downstairs. She sulked into the kitchen ans sat down to a glass of milk.

“Not again,” her mother said in a tired voice. “What happened?”

Barbie explained to her mother what happened. She wanted to cry. She didn’t have any friends left on the block at all.

“Hey, Barbie!” Barbie turned around to see her best friend, Cindy, running toward her.

“I heard about you and Kelly. I never did like her much, anyway.”

“You didn’t?” Barbie asked, warily. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel good, are you?”

“’Course not.”

The girls then separated to go down their streets.

“Now there goes a real friend,” Barbie said quietly to herself.

To be continued …

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