Grandma Was Right – Introduction

TE GWR logo 4aWhat are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
And everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

If you’ve never been a little girl, you may not realize just how inaccurate that nursery rhyme is. But those of us who spent time in the trenches while growing up female, know that beneath the sweet exterior, little girls have a shocking capacity for cruelty. Unlike little boys, who may be more prone to fighting and other physical displays of aggression, little girls are masters of psychological warfare and can be downright diabolical.

Like I recently told a friend, if I were walking down the street and coming toward me on once side was a group of gang members and on the other was a gaggle of girls, I would do whatever I could to protect the gangsters.

One of the more troubling aspects of this ability is always knowing that you could become a target of someone’s vicious torture campaign at any time and for any reason. And once you find yourself in someone’s sights, it’s nearly impossible to get away. A perceived slight, even one that may have been completely unintentional or simply unavoidable, could results in years (yes, years!) of torment.

Don’t believe it? A girl in my class  was routinely teased and talked about until the day we graduated high school because she’d had the audacity to start wearing a bra in the 5th grade. Nearly eight years of being labeled a slut because she was the first among us to get boobs. Like I said, we can be awful and we don’t need a reason, just an excuse.

One of the most dangerous times for the young, human female is when a third girl is introduced to an existing friendship between two others. Whether it’s due to jealousy, insecurity or some other factor, one of those girls is almost guaranteed she’ll become a victim of the other two.

Grandma Was Right, which I wrote in the 5th grade, tells the story of just such a triad and was inspired by actual events.

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