Diary – April 1, 1978

Fair warning to spelling, grammar or punctuation enthusiasts, I’m entering these posts exactly as they’re written in the diary. Try not to let my phonetic spelling, creative grammar and questionable punctuation freak you out too much.

TE_Mortifying Diary pic 01The clouds started coming in near the end of the carnival. We had to close kinda early ’cause BR and CS were stealing tickets and stuff. To win a prize you got tickets and turned them in for a prize. Me and A got 200 tickets for a fishing pole so my mom has to order one.

M, E, Grandma and Grandpa H and Aunt RA were there too. M is so cute.

J called me and said that M wanted me to call him. M says that his mother wants to take him to a phychiatrist. Because he’s always  he is always moping around ’cause he loves me and I don’t love him. I told him that it took me awhile to get serious about a boy. And I told him to do me a favor and not run away like he was gonna. Poor Mat.

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