The Islanders – Part 23

TE_TI_LogoThe castaways decided that it was time for them to try to get off their island. They were going to try the bonfire again to see if that would work. But this time they all went together to get the wood. They didn’t want Steve to fall off of a cliff again.

“Put all of the wood in a pile right over there,” Brent ordered.

“Yessir, mister Brent,” Cathy said. “Yessir.”

“Quit fooling around and get to work,” Kris told them. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“I am working,” Cathy laughed. “But I’m gonna work faster if you want me to, boss.”

“Kris is right,” Brent told her. “We gotta get this done.”

“Okay,” Cathy said, as if her feelings were hurt. “I’m working,”

In a few hours they had one huge pile of wood and a smaller one to use for extra fuel.

“This is it,” Darrel said. “Our ticket off this good old island. I hope.”

Darrel threw a torch into the dry brush that surrounded the wood pile. Smoke began to filter out through the cracks. Soon flames were leaping into the black sky.

“Boy, would I like a bag of marshmallows right now,” Steve sighed.

“Mushmeelows,” James said, confused. “What’s them?”

“Well,” Steve explained. “They’re white and mushy and well …uh … you’ll find out when we get outta here.”

“You know,” Stephanie said. “I never really realized how much I want to get off this island. I really am homesick.”

Darrel put his arm around her waist and held her there. “I hope we do get off this island,” he said. “But then again, I don’t’ It’s so great here. We don’t need money or anything. I wouldn’t mind staying here.”

“Me too,” James agreed.

“You’ll be better off with other people than here on this island,” Cari told him. “Do you people know that this kid has never seen anyone except us.”

“That’s right,” Steve said. “What a bummer! He’ll have to go to school and junk when we leave. If we leave.”

It was getting late so everyone went to sleep and dreamed about maybe getting off the island soon.

The fire wouldn’t work in the daytime. It just wasn’t bright enough.

“Why don’t we put a lot of green plants on it,” Kris suggested. “Then it will make a lot of smoke.”

They all looked bewilderdly at Kris. This was the first good idea she had come up with in the four years they had been on the island.

“I never thought I’d be saying this,” Lance admitted. “But that is a good idea.”

“Of course,” Kris told him. “This isn’t all empty space up here between my ears. If it was, my head would cave in, and then I’d die, right?

“Well, one outta two ain’t bad,” Cari laughed.

“C’mon troops,” Darrel said. “Let’s go get that smokey stuff.”

They all set out for the jungle, picking all kinds of green plants they could carry. It was all dumped on the fire and a big smoke screen soon rose into the air.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” Cathy choked. “I feel like I’m back in the city.”

“This is just like the smog in LA,” Stephanie agreed.

The castaways all went into their huts to escape the choking smoke. Soon it was even seeping into their huts.

About three or four miles off the coast of the island, a ship was sailing through the waters.

“Captain,” said one of the crewmen. “I think I see something out there.”

“Well, what is it?” asked the captain.

“It … it looks like smoke sir,” answered the crewman.

“Then it’s probably a fire,” the captain said.

“I think we should radio in for help, sir,” he told the captain

“Then call the coast guard,” the captain said. “We don’t have time to go ashore.”

“Yessir,” he agreed.

The crewman gave the place of the island to the coast guard over the radio. The would sent a boat.

“Do you think this will work?” Cari asked, as she threw more plants onto the fire.

“I hope so,” Stephanie told her. “I sure hope so.”

Everyone was sitting under some palm trees thinking about how nice it would be to leave the island and see some more people. It was then that James saw the coast guard boat.

“Look Daddy,” he said pointing toward the ocean. “A big fishie!”

“Fish my foot!” Darrel exclaimed. “It’s a boat!”

“A boat?” Steve asked. “Where?”

“I see it,” Kris yelled. “C’mon!” She jumped up and ran toward the water and everyone followed. The boys took off their shirts and began jumping and waving them in the air.

The boat was coming toward the island and they could see someone standing on the bow of the ship.

“Here we are!” Cathy yelled. “Come get us!”

“Save us!” Cari yelled.

The boat was close enough to see it clearly. The man on the bow of the boat put a bullhorn to his lips and asked, “Who are you?”

“We’ve been on this island four years,” Darrel told him.

A small boat was lowered from the side of the bigger one and two men owed it ashore. When it came aground, they all ran over to greet it.

“Please take us home,” Stephanie said.

“We’ve been here so long,” Brent told him.

“It’s good to see a new face,” Lance said.

Fresh clothing was brought from the ship along with good food. They all changed and ate and began to gather their most treasured possessions .

“I’m gonna miss this place,” Kevin said, as he stepped onto the rowboat.

“It was pretty nice,” Lance agreed.

It took two trips on the rowboats to get everyone onto the bigger boat, but they made it. They all stood on the back of the boat taking a last look at the island.

“I kinda don’t want to leave,” Kris said.

“Me either,” Cathy agreed.

“Where are we going?” James asked.

“We’re going home, son,” Darrell told him.

“I can’t wait,” Lance said.

“Are we ever gonna come back and visit,” Cari wanted to know.

“I guess we could,” Steve said.

“Everything will be so strange,” Stephanie said. “After being on our island for so long.”

“But I suppose it will be nice,” Candy told her. “At least we’ll get to see our families.”

“Good ol’ Mom and Dad,” Brent said. “I’ll be glad to see them.”

“I wonder how my family is,” Kevin said to himself.

“We’ll know in a couple of hours,” Cari told him.

“The fist thing I’m gonna do when we get home,” Steve told Cari, “Is to start writing our wedding invitations.”

“You two might as well be married,” Lance said. “Four years together isn’t just going steady.”

The island was now getting smaller as the ship moved further and further out to sea. There was an awful silence as everyone stood and remembered all of the good and bad times they had been through on the island.

“Can you people come in here for a minute?” said one of the coast guards as he came out of the cabin.

“Huh … oh, yeah … c’mon you guys,” Darrel said hoarsely. “Let’s go.”

They all walked toward the cabin, but before they went in, each took one last look at the island that had been their home.



Cari & Steve

Cari and Steve

Steve and Cari moved to New York where they were soon married and Cari had twin boys, Jeff and Mike. After living in New York for three years, Steve inherited a casino in Las Vega from an uncle he never knew existed. Cari became a choreographer for a big nightclub in Las Vegas. She choreographed a lot of well-known shows.


Cathy & Brent

Cathy and Brent

Brent and Cathy set up a home in Oregon. They were blessed with a baby girl soon after they were married. Cathy made a career of teaching college and was very successful at it. Brent went to work for his father’s company, where he was third vice president.



Kris & Lance

Kris and Lance

Kris and Lance lived in Southern California where they could always be near the beach. Kris had two daughters and a son. Their names were Cari, Stephanie and Brent. Lance became a doctor after he had gone back to medical school and received his degree. Kris became a housewife who spent most of her time taking care of the kids.



Candy and Kevin

Candy and Kevin had the only marriage that didn’t really work out. Kevin was the manager of a store and Candy wrote sketches for comedy television shows. After two years of marriage, they were separated, got back together, separated once again, then got back together for good. But it wasn’t a happy marriage. Kevin began to drink and Candy was hardly ever home. So at least they didn’t have to put up with each other.


Stephanie & Darrel & Surprise!

Stephanie, Darrel and James

Stephanie, Darrel and James also moved to California. Stephanie had another son, Billy and a daughterr, Nicole. Stephanie worked as a photographer for a big magazine. Sge was also sometimes a model for the magazine. Darrel wrote a book about the adventures on the island, but he could never get it published. So now it sits somewhere, alone and unread on a dusty shelf.

The island castaways got together every year on the date they had found the island. This went fine for a few years, but after a while only a few of them would meet and not have as good a time as they did a few years before. And soon after that, they might occasionally call or write a letter, but that was as far as it went.

They were all busy with their lives and they forgot about each other for the most part. But in the back of their minds, they all wished that they were on that island, together and happy.

— The End —

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