The Islanders – Part 20

TE_TI_LogoCari quickly got a small piece of bamboo that she used as a bottle. Inside the jar was a strong smelling juice that she had gotten from some plants. Stephanie waved the jar under Kris’s nose. As soon as Stephanie took the jar away, Kris started talking to her hand.

“Hello Mrs. Hand,” she said. “How are you feeling today?”

Kris got worse during the night. Her temperature rose steadily. The girls put more wet blankets on her, but it didn’t help. Kris began to pass out more often. She was now even beyond delirium. She just lay there, staring at the ceiling, her eyes glazed over and her breathing raspy.

“She’s getting worse,” Cathy said softly to Lance. “You have to expect the worst.”

Lance looked at Kris. She was pale, her eyes were swollen, and her breathing was very shallow. At times she almost stopped breathing altogether.

“She isn’t getting any better,” Kevin told everyone. “We all have to prepare ourselves in case she doesn’t make it.”

“I tried to talk to her last night,” Cari said. “She can’t even hear us.”

“I don’t want her to die!” Lance cried. “Why can’t she just get well? It’s not fair.”

“Nothing is fair on this island,” Brent told him.

The next day someone had to be with Kris every minute to keep her breathing and, try to break her fever. When Brent was sitting by her bed trying to get her yo drink something, Cathy came in.

“Brent,” she said. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to forgive you.”

“You are?” he said happily. “You really forgive me?”

“Yes,” she told him. “After we found out that Kris might die, I realized how much a really love you.”

“Thank you, Cathy,” Brent said. “I promise nothing will ever come between us again.”

While they were standing there kissing, Kris began gasping for air. By the time Brent and Cathy had a chance to do anything, Kris’s lips started turning blue because she wasn’t getting any air. The rest of the castaways came in when they heard Cathy calling for help. Lance started giving Kris mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Soon she started breathing again and when Kevin started putting wet blankets on her, she woke up and said, “What are you doing in here?”

Lance reached over and felt her forehead. “Her fever has broken,” he told them.”

“What fever?” she asked. “Are you crazy?”

“She’s okay,” Darrel said. “She’s not gonna die.”

“Die?” Kris said, confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Just tell us if you’re feeling okay,” Candy told her.

“I’m fine,” she said. “It’s you guys who need help.”

“Do you feel weak of anything?” Lance asked.

“I have a headache,” she told him. “I guess I feel pretty weak. Why?”

“We’ll tell you in the morning,” Stephanie said. “It’s a long story.”

“Good night, Kris,” Cari said. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

About two weeks later, Kris was completely recovered. The cause of her illness was one of her salads that she had made from the leaves of some tree.

“Happy fourth anniversary to all of us, happy anniversary to us,” everyone sang. They were celebrating their forth anniversary on the island.

“May I have your attention,” Lance said, as he stood up. “We are now going to bring in the main course. Roast pig, island style!”

Kevin and Darrel went to get the food. The boys had propped the boar up so it looked like it was standing. His lips were pulled back in a smile, and there was a banana in his mouth.

“There’s supposed to be an apple in his mouth,” Lance explained. “There are non on the island, so we used the banana.”

“It looks alive,” Kris said. “Can’t you put him on his side so he looks dead?”

“Why would we do that,?” Candy asked.

“Well,” Kris told her. “Then I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating it.”

“I don’t care how it looks,” Darrel said. “I’m gonna eat it.

He plunged the knife into the pig’s side and started carving the pig. Juice ran down the knife blade and fell to the ground. Inside the boys had put pineapple slices which were now cooked and the juice had turned into a sweet syrup which gave the meat extra flavor. They all chewed every piece of meat carefully, not wanting to miss any of the flavor. Before everyone finished what was on their plates, Stephanie took the lids off of two steaming pots.

“Now for a side dish,” she announced. “You can have clams or lobster or both.”

Everyone had their fill of both. The clams were tender and practically melted in their mouths. The lobster was cooked to perfection. Every bit was thoroughly tasted and savored.

When everybody had eaten all they could, Kevin took away their coconut juice and poured them some wine he had been saving.

“This is one meal that was worth remembering,” Steve said, as he got up and walked toward his hut.

“Remember to get up early so we can go fishing,” Lance reminded him.

“Are you kidding?” Steve laughed. “I’m gonna sleep for three days.

Let’s go check the traps,” Kevin said to Darrel one morning after breakfast.

Darrel and Kevin made their way through the jungle until they were near one of the traps. There was a loud screeching noise coming from the bamboo cage.

“That’s not a pig,” Darrel said.

“What is it?” Kevin asked.

“We won’t know until we look,” Darrel told him. “You go first.”

“Why me?” Kevin said. “Why don’t you go first?”

“I’m not going first because it was your idea,” Darrel said. “Now go on.”

He pushed Kevin along and followed close behind.

“Well I’ll be!” Kevin exclaimed as he stepped into the clearing.

“It’s a monkey!” Darrel said, as he walked up next to Kevin.

Darrel and Kevin walked up to the cage. The monkey put his face close to the bars and snapped at them. The boys jumped back.

“He’s a mean little guy,” Kevin said.

“Let’s take him home,” Darrel suggested.

“Yeah,” Kevin agreed. “He’ll make a good pet.”

Kevin picked up the box and carried the monkey back to the hut.

“He’s so cute,’ Cari said.

“He’s got a cute little face,” Candy agreed.

James walked over to the monkey and put his hand up to it. The monkey tried to bite James. “Him bited me,” James said, pulling his hand away.

To be continued …

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