The Islanders – Part 15

TE_TI_Logo“He’s asleep,” Brent said as he walked out of Darrel and Stephanie’s hut.

“You really play that flute well,” Stephanie told him. Brent had made a flute from some bamboo and he played simple tunes on it. He loved to play it for James when he went to bed.

“What’s on the menu?” Kris asked.

“Steamed clams,” Steve told her as he lifted the lid from the pot.

They all ate their clams in silence, savoring every bit. It wasn’t too often they got clams for dinner. After dinner, Candy and Kevin went for a walk in the full moonlight.

“When are we going to get married, Kevin?” Candy asked.

“As soon as we get off this island,” Kevin told her.

“But we might not get off,” Candy said.

“We will,” he said as he put his arm around her. “We will.”

“Can’t one of the boys perform the ceremony?” Candy asked.

“If they did, we wouldn’t really be married,” he said. They sat down next to each other in the sand. The moon was shining on the ocean like the day they go engaged.

“Candy,” Kevin said.

Candy turned and looked at him. He didn’t say anything.

“What?” Candy asked.

“I just want to look at you,” he told her. Then he leaned over and kissed her. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said.

Candy snuggled close to him, and they talked about what they would do when they got off the island.

It was hotter than it had ever been on the island. Darrel took one of the life rafts and filled it with water from the ocean. Then he dragged it slowly up the beach. Today this would be James’ play pen. Darrel put the baby in it and then sat under a tree where he could watch James play. “Soon everyone decided to go and take a dip in the ocean.

“You’ll have to babysit,” Stephanie called to Darrel. Darrel finally got so hot that he climbed in the boat with James. When he laid down, some of the water spilled over the sides.

“Papa fat,” James laughed.

Darrel splashed some water at the baby. And whenever James tried to splash him back, Darrel splashed him more. James got tired of being splashed. He got out of the boat and began running toward the water.

“Mama,” he called. “Mama.”

Darrel chased him, but James beat him to the water.

“Hi Wance,” James said when Lance picked him up. Lance talked the baby gently to Kevin.

“Hi Kebin,” James laughed when Kevin caught him. Kevin tossed him to Brent.

“Hi Bwent,” James said just before he was tossed to Steve,

“Hi Stebe,” James yelled. “To Kwis,” he told Steve, and Steve tossed him to Kris, who gave him to Stephanie.

“Hi Mama,” he said, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Aren’t you tired?” Stephanie asked. “You’ve been getting thrown all over. I think you’d better go take a nap.”

“No,” James complained.

“Yes,” Stephanie told him. “You can come back out later.” She started up the beach with him.

“Papa,” James yelled.

“Mama’s the boss,” Darrel told him.

Two weeks later the temperature hadn’t changed. It was still boiling hot. The castaways were sitting under the tree drinking coconut juice. Suddenly from out of the trees came a wild boar snorting and growling.

“Keep calm, everyone,” Kevin whispered. He looked around. The nearest hut was Kris and Lance’s. “When I say ‘go,’ get up and run for Kris and Lance’s hut.”

James got up and started walking toward the pig. Darrel reached out and grabbed him roughly by the arm.

“Get back here,” he whispered hoarsely. “Sit down and be quiet.”

But it was too late. The boar had seen James and started charging toward them.

“Go!” Kevin said. They all got up and ran for the door of the hut. Darrel was dragging James by the arm. Just before Cathy got in the door, the boars’ sharp tusks gashed the back of her leg. Cathy yelled and fell to the ground clutching her leg. Brent quickly tore his shirt into a few strips and bound Cathy’s leg around her cut. The blood seeped through, so Brent added more cloth strips until the blood stopped coming through.

“Listen,” Darrel yelled at the already crying James. “If you ever go near another animal on the island, I’ll personally …”

“Darrel,” Stephanie interrupted. “He’s only a baby.”

“Now listen, dear,” she told him firmly. “Don’t you ever go near any animal on this island again, do you understand me?”

James nodded his head and wiped the tears from his eyes. “Yeth mama,” he said.

After a while Brent took the bandages off Cathy’s leg. The cut should have had stitches, but since he couldn’t put stitches in, he tore the cloth into smaller strips.

“Lance,” Brent said. “Come here.”

Lance knelt down by Brent. “What?” he asked.

“Hold this cut together,” Brent told him. “So I can put these strips on it.”

Lance held Cathy’s cut together and Brent tied the strips on tight enough to hold the cut together, but not so tight that it would cut off her circulation.

“How does it feel?” Cari asked.

“Like someone branded my leg,” Cathy told her.

“Well, just get some rest,” Candy said. “Then it will feel better.”

“Do you want something to drink?” Kris asked.

“Yes,” Cathy answered. “Please.”

“Here,” Stephanie said. “You can have my coconut juice.”

“Thanks,” Cathy said.

James walked over to Cathy. “Carry huwt?” he asked.

“Yes James,” she told him. “The pig cut my leg.”
“I sowwy,” James whispered.

“It wasn’t your fault,” she said.

“Oh,” James said, and started to walk away. The he turned around smiling and kissed her bandage,

“All better?” he asked.

“Almost James,” she told him.

“Good,” James said.

To be continued  …

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