The Islanders – Part 13

TE_TI_LogoThe men stumbled through the jungle all the way to camp.

“I’m home, honey,” Steve called. “Is dinner ready?”

“We’re over here, Steve,” Cari said. “Come help us peel the pineapples.”

“Hi baby,” Brent said to Cathy. “Give daddy some kisses.”

Brent held out his arms, closed his eyes and puckered up.

“You look jus’ like a big ol’ fish,” Darrel told Brent.

Lance began laughing again. “Brent the fish face,” he laughed.

“Have you boys been drinking?” Kris asked them.

“Are you ‘cusing us of drinking?” Darrel asked.

“Yes,” Cathy told him. “We’re accusing you of drinking”

“Well, where I comes from “them’s fightin’ words.” Kevin said. “So put up your dukes.” Kevin raised his hands in a boxing position.

“Hey,” Brent said. “You can’t hit my wife with your fists.”

“Can I hit her with a stick?” Kevin asked.


“A rock?”

“No sir,” Brent told Kevin. “They’re too hard.”

“How’s about a banana?” Kevin asked. “They’re soft.”

“No bananas.”

“A coconut?”


“Well, what can I hit her with?” Kevin asked.

“You can’t hit her,” Brent told him.

“Why not?” Kevin asked.

“Because you can’t hit a lady,” Brent explained.

“Well, she used fightin’ words,” Kevin asked. “What can I do?”

“You can kick her,” Brent told him.

“Oh goodie, goodie,” Kevin said as he pulled his foot back to kick Cathy.

“Stop it!” Kris yelled. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“He don’t think he’s doin’ nothin’,” Lance said. “He knows he’s kicking her!”

“You can’t do that!” Candy said.

“How come?” Kevin asked.

“She’s afraid Cathy will beat you up,” Darrel laughed.

“Them’s fightin’ words, too,” Kevin said. “Can I hit him, Brent?”

“No,” Brent told him. “I said that you can’t hit ladies.”

The boys all began laughing again.

“What’s with them?” Cari asked.

“I think they’re stoned,” Candy told her.

“They act like they’ve been smoking pot,” Stephanie said.

“What’s this?” Cathy picked up one of the boy’s cigarettes.

“I bet that’s what they’ve been smoking,” Kris said.

“Gimme that,” Darrel said, as he took the cigarette and lit it. “It’s Jamie’s.” Darrel ran into the hut where James was playing in his play pen.

The girls followed right behind. The rest of the boys were still rolling in the sand, laughing.

“Where’s that cigarette,” Stephanie demanded, as she ran into the hut.

“Jamie boy has it,” Darrel told her.

Stephanie looked at the baby and saw the lighted cigarette dangling limply from between his lips. She pulled the cigarette from his mouth and picked James up.

“You stupid fool!” she yelled, her eyes burning with anger. “You dumb idiot!” she screamed, and she slapped Darrel sharply across the face, then stormed out of the hut with the baby.

After the incident with the baby, nobody ever smoked the cigarettes any more, except maybe one to pass around for special occasions.

The castaways were all in Cari and Steve’s hut because it was the biggest. There was a storm blowing up and they all wanted to be together.

“This storm will probably be worse than the other one was,” Lance told them.

“Will we have to abandon the island,” Kris asked.

“You don’t abandon an island,” Cathy said.

“But if the wind is strong enough, we might have to abandon the hut,” Kevin told Cathy. “It might get blown over.”

Stephanie got a scared look on her face when they started talking about the hut blowing away. She went over and got James from his crib.

Soon the rain began falling. It sounded like a machine gun on the roof. Then came the thunder and lightning. They got in a close circle and tried to talk, but the sound of the storm drowned out their voices. Now the rain started coming through the roof. It wasn’t just a couple of little leaks. The water was coming through every hole. The baby started crying. Stephanie put his crib where it wasn’t leaking and laid James down to sleep in it.

After a while everyone went to sleep. Through the night the storm raged on. And a leak started right above the baby’s crib.

Kris woke up to the sound of James coughing. The sun was shining and all the storm clouds had blown away.

“Oh my gosh,” Kris said, when she looked into his crib. The blankets and James were soaking wet. Kris took the baby’s clothes off and set him in his play pen. Then she went inside and woke everyone. Stephanie walked over to the crib to get James.

“My baby’s gone!” she said excitedly. “Where’s James?”

“I put him outside in his play pen,” Kris told her. “He got all wet from a leak over his crib last night.

Stephanie ran outside and got the baby. His nose was running, and he was shivering and coughing. Candy took him and wrapped him up in some warm blankets. Then she laid him on Stephanie’s bed, where he fell asleep.

Stephanie and Darrel thought that James just had a simple cold, but his condition get worse every day.

“What could he have?” Stephanie wondered.

“It might just be the flu,” Cathy said. “Or it might be something worse.

“You don’t think it might be pneumonia?” Darrel asked.

“It could be,” Cari told him. “And, without a doctor, we can’t tell.”

“I wish we were home,” Kris complained. “Then poor little Jamie boy could get all better.”

One night Stephanie was sitting up with James and he was breathing very hard and not getting very much air. Then he stopped breathing all together.

“James!” Stephanie yell. “Darrel!”

To be continued …

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