The Islanders – Part 12

TE_TI_LogoCathy and Candy got to the hut first.

“Light some candles,” Cathy ordered.

“I’ve got them,” Candy said, as she lit the candles that were made from pig’s fat.

Cathy and Candy delivered the baby while everyone else waited outside. Cathy delivered the baby while Candy wiped sweat from Stephanie’s forehead and gave her water to drink.

“What’s taking so long?” Darrel asked, worriedly.

“This isn’t a hospital,” Cari told him. “It takes a while for a baby to be born.”

Finally the baby was out. It was a healthy boy.

Stephanie heard the smack of Cari’s hand on her baby’s rear end. The baby cried, and Stephanie cried.

Darrel came in and saw the baby in Stephanie’s arms.

“It’s a boy,” she said.

Darrel ran outside. “I’m a father,” he told the others. “I’ve got a son, I’m a father.” He ran back to Stephanie’s bed. She handed the baby to him.

“He’s beautiful,” Darrel whispered. “He’s just perfect.”

Cathy took the baby and washed him. She then wrapped him in blankets and gave him back to Stephanie. She and Cari walked outside so that Stephanie and Darrel could be alone.

“What should we name him?” Stephanie said.

“Billy?” Darrel suggested.

“No,” Stephanie said. “What about Jason.”

“I don’t like that name,” he told her.

“We could name him after you,” Stephanie said.

“No,” Darrel said. “I don’t want him to get stuck with this name.”

“I know,” Stephanie said. “Jeremy.”



“No. How about Sam?”

“Too plain,” Stephanie told him.


“Yuck. What about Vincent?”



“How about Barry,” Darrel asked.

“I like James better,” Stephanie said.

“So did I,” Darrel told her.

“Then James it is,” Stephanie agreed.

Darrel picked up James. He made faces at him like all fathers do. He turned to give James to Stephanie, but she was asleep. He kissed her on the cheek and went outside with the baby.

Candy and Kevin made a crib for James. He got some wooden toys from Cathy and Brent. Kris and Lance made him some little clothes from warn out blankets. Cari and Steve made him a bamboo playpen. All of these things were to celebrate his birthday. Actually, he was only turning seven weeks old. The real thing they were celebrating was their first anniversary. They had been on the island for a year.

“I guess we should open up that barrel of wine we tried to make,” Darrel suggested.

“I forgot all about that,” Cari said.

“Wait ’til Stephanie gets back,” Darrel told them. “She went to put James to bed.

“I’ll go get the barrel,” Kevin said as he got up. When everybody was there, Lance tried to pry the lid off with a piece of wood. He had barely pushed and the lid flew off with a loud pop.

“Who’s going to taste it,” he asked.

“I will,” Cari said.

“Of course,” Steve laughed. “I knew you would.”

“Wow!” Cari exclaimed. “This is good.” She reached for another glassful.

After dinner everyone was sitting around talking. Cari was just sitting with a silly look on her face. She leaned over and whispered something in Steve’s ear. Steve got up and led her to the outhouse.

“Guess who’s drunk,” Steve said when he returned.

“Again?” Stephanie asked.

“She is completely bombed,” Steve told them.

“Hey you guys,” Kevin called to Lance and Brett as he held something over his head. “Look what I got.”

“What is it?” Brent asked.

“Why silly,” Kevin said. “It’s a cigarette. You blind or somethin’?”

“Where’d you get it?” Lanced asked him.

“Made it from some leaves,” Kevin told him.

“I’ll go get Darrel and Steve,” Lance said. “Then we can all go have a smoke.”

All the boys went into the jungle and followed Kevin to where he made his cigarettes.

“Not bad,” Lance said. “It’s been a long time.”

“It has been long,” Darrel agreed.

“I feel dizzy,” Steven said.

“I feel happy,” Lance told them.

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty,” Brent began to sing. “I feel pretty and witty and gay.”

“You do?” Kevin said. “Well get away from me, you weirdo.”

Then they all began to laugh hysterically. They were laughing so hard there were tears coming from their eyes. It was like they were never going to stop.

“Hey, give me another one of them cig’rettes,” Steve said.

“Yes sir,” Kevin said. “Do you want regular or king size?”

“Gimme the biggest you got,” he told Kevin.

Kevin rolled another “cigarette” for Steve. “Does anyone else want a cig’rette?” Kevin asked.

They all said they did, so Kevin made four more.

“Do you think we should take some to the girls?” Lance wondered.

“Yeah,” Darrel said. “And don’t forget li’l ol’ Jamie boy, the li’l son of a gun.”

“I’ll make him a little itsy bitsy baby cig’rette, Kevin said.

“He’s too young to smoke,” Brent told them. “We should wait until he’s at least a year old.”

The boys broke up into fits of laughter again.

“Let’s go home,” Lance said suddenly. “I miss my little honey baby.”

“Okay,” Kevin agreed. “Let’s go, men.”

To be continued …

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2 Responses to The Islanders – Part 12

  1. Katie P says:

    Aaaaah!!! They finally found the Island’s weed supply!!!!

    And did you know babies come with umbilical cords at the time of this writing? Just curious.


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