The Islanders – Part 7

TE_TI_Logo“Let’s go catch some fish for dinner,” Kevin suggested.

“Okay,” Brent said. “I’ll go with you. Anybody else want to go?”

“Why don’t you all go?” Candy said. “Then us girls can stay here and get wood for the fire and stuff.”

The girls found bananas, pineapples and coconuts. Cari cut off some pieces of bamboo like straws and put them in the coconuts.

The boys got the blankets and all that was left in the boats when they came back. Darrel started a fire with his disposable lighter. They needed to find some flint because his butane was nearly gone. They cooked the fish like hot dogs, by putting them on sticks and holding them over the fire.

After dinner everyone was happy and cheerful. They were all sitting next to his or her lover and cuddling up. They were all talking and having a good time.

“Do you people want to hear a really funny joke?” Steve asked

“Yes,” they all said together.

“Okay,” Steve said. “This guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender …”

“Steve,” Cari said. “Not after dinner.”

Lance stood up and walked toward the shore. He stood looking at the water with his hand in his pocket. The wind was blowing his hair. Kris came up behind him. “Is something wrong,” she asked.

“No,” he told her.

“Then what are you doing?”

“Just thinking,” he said.

Kris sat down on the sand and pulled Lance by the hand down beside her. She snuggled up close to him and Lance wrapped his arm around her.

After a while Kris said they should go back up the beach. Lance looked at the ocean again. He didn’t say anything.

“Lance?” Kris said softly.

“What?” he asked.

“How long will we be here?”

“I really don’t know,” he told her.

“Well, no matter how long we’re here,” Kris said. “I’ll always love you.”

Lance turned to face her. “And I’ll always love you,” he said. He took her in his arms and kissed her. Then they walked hand in hand up the beach.

“We’ve got to set up some kind of shelter,” Stephanie said. “We can’t just stay outside the whole time we’re here.

“You’re right,” Cari said. “We can make something while the boys are fishing.”

“No,” Candy said. “We need something more permanent.”

“We could make a bamboo hut,” Kris said.

“That would be kind of hard,” Cari said.

“But it’s the only thing that would work,” Candy told them.

Stephanie took two fishing knives from the tackle box.

“Cari, Candy and I will go cut down some bamboo,” Stephanie told Kris and Cathy. “You two stay here and clear some of these leaves and sticks away.”

It took five trips, but the girls finally though they had enough bamboo to make a hut. So they started working.

“Hand me a piece of bamboo,” Cari said. She dug a whole in the ground and put the bamboo in it.

“Is that what we have to do all the way around?” Kris asked.

“Yes,” Cari said. Why do you ask?”

“Well, instead of digging a lot of little holes,” Kris said. “Why don’t we just dig one big trench?”

“That’s a good idea,” Cathy said. “Let’s get digging.”

The girls worked for hours. When it was done the hut leaned over to the left. So they put some braces on it and the hut stood up pretty straight.

When the boys got back, they were very impressed.

“You did a very good job,” Darrel said. “Now we’ll have a place to sleep. I was freezing last night!”

“I was warm,” Stephanie said.

“Well, that’s because you hogged all the blankets,” Darrel told her.

“It’s getting late,” Steve said. “I’ll start the fire and we can cook the fish.”

After dinner Cathy got up and went into the hut. When she came back she was hiding something behind her back.

“What have to got?” Lance asked.

“I found these while I was working on the hut today,” Cathy said, as she pulled some sticks of sugar cane from behind her back.

“It looks like bamboo,” Brent said.

“No,” Lance said, as he took a stick from her. “You eat it.”

“I’m not eating bamboo,” Kris said. “It’ll probably get stuck between my teeth.”

“It’s sugarcane!” Steve said. “Here, try a piece.” He cut a piece for Kris and one for everybody else.

“This is good,” Cari said. “Where did you find it?”

“Over by the banana grove,” Cathy told them. “There’s a bunch of it.”

“Someone probably planted it there once,” Kevin said. “It was probably a bunch of headhunters.”

“Are there still headhunters around?” Candy asked.

“Sure,” Darrel said. “They sneak up on you at night and cut your head right off.” He made a slashing motion across his neck. “Then they hang your head on their wall.”

“Let’s talk about something else,” Stephanie said.

“How about going to bed,” Kevin said.

“Kevin,” Candy said in a shocked voice.

“Not talk about it,” Kevin told her. “I want to go to bed. I’m bushed.”

“That sounds good to me,” Cari said, and she stood up and brushed the sand off herself.

“Everyone went into the hut to go to sleep. It was a bit crowded but it was better than sleeping outside.

A noise outside startled Kris. “What was that?” she said, as she grabbed Lance’s hand.

“Why?” he asked. “Did it scare you?”

“Yes,” she told him. “What was it?”

“Probably just the wind,” he said.

“Oh good,” she whispered. “I thought it was a headhunter.

“Goodnight, honey,” Lance said.

“Goodnight,” Kris said, but she didn’t fall asleep right away. She was still sure there was a headhunter lurking around out there.

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