The Islanders – Part 5

TE_TI_LogoIn about an hour everyone had dried their tears and they were just holding each other. The rain had slowed down but it was still pouring.

“I think we should go now,” Lance said.

“Yeah,” Brent said. “I guess so.”

Steve, Kevin and the girls took the trunk that was filled with food and four one-gallon containers full of water. Darrel, Brent and Lance took the two boats that were lashed together. They lowered the boat into the water and Kevin slid down the rope into it. Then Brent came down. Lance, Steve and Darrel through the food and water down to them. Then the rest of them came down. The water was rough and it was still pouring, so they spent most of their time bailing out water.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t stay on that ship,” Lance said. “Look over there.” Everyone turned to see a huge wave hit the ship, which had already turned on its side, and it sank down into the water so that all they could see was the bottom of the ship.

In three hours the clouds stated moving away and the sun was shining. Nobody had slept at all and they were glad to have a chance to sleep now.

Steve was the first to see it. A shark, about ten feet long, was swimming right along with them. “Let’s kill it,” Brent suggested.

“No,” Darrel told them. “The blood will only attract more sharks.”

“What will attract sharks?” Cathy asked as she woke up.

“If we kill this shark that’s following us,” Kevin told her.

“A shark is following us!” Candy said excitedly as she woke up. “Oh my God, get rid of it.”

“Get rid of what?” Stephanie asked.

“That shark,” Darrel said.

“Who’s smart?” Cari asked.

“Not smart,” Steve told her. “Shark. That one right there.”

“A sharp what?” Kris asked Candy.

“Its teeth are sharp,” Candy told her.

“Steve’s teeth are sharp?” Kris said, confused.

“No,” Steve said. “The shark’s teeth.”

“What shark?” Kris asked.

“That one,” Lance said, pointing at the shark.

“Oh yuck,” Kris said. “Why don’t you kill it?”

“Because the blood will attract more sharks,” Kevin told her.

“Oh no,” Lance said. “Don’t start that again!”

“I liked it better when Brent was the shark,” Cathy said, remembering the day she had almost drowned.

“Maybe if we hit it on the head with something, it would go away,” Cari suggested.

“Now if that isn’t the stupidest …” Kevin started to say.

“Wait a minute,” Lance interrupted. “Maybe if we hit it hard enough, it’ll get killed.”

“Oh, don’t kill the poor little thing,” Candy said.

“What do you want to do, make a pet out of it?” Darrel asked.

“No, but I …” she started.

“Good,” Brent said. “Then it’s all settled. Here Lance, hit him with this oar.”

“Why do I have to do it?” Lance asked.

“Because it was your idea,” Steve said, handing him the oar. “Now go ahead.”

Lance raised the oar and sent it crashing down on the shark’s head. The shark started swimming around like it wasn’t going to quit. Then all of a sudden it just stopped and started to sink. Everyone watched it until it sank out of sight.

Nobody knew how long they would be out there, so the food had to be rationed. They had decided to skip breakfast. For lunch they each got a piece of bread, two slices of cheese and a half cup of water.

The sun was boiling hot. No one said anything. They were just trying to keep cool. By two o’clock, Brent couldn’t stand it. He stood up and jumped in the water.

“What are you doing?” Steve asked him.

“I’m keeping cool,” Brent said. “And it feels great.”

“I hate to tell you this,” Lance said. “But that water is infested with sharks.”

“Oh my gosh,” Cathy said. “Brent, get out of that water.”

“I’m getting out,” he said. “Don’t get all excited.”

“There has to be some way to keep cool,” Darrel said.

“If we propped up an oar in the middle of the boat, we could drape on of the blankets over it, like a tent,” Cari suggested.

“Yeah,” Kris said. “Then at least we’d have some shade.”

“Anything,” Stephanie said. “Let’s just get out of this heat.”

So Kevin propped an oar up in each boat with some of the food boxes. Candy put the blankets over them and tied the corners to the rope on the side of the life boats.

“Well,” Cathy said. “At least it’s a little bit better.”

“But not much,” Darrel said.

Steve, Kevin, Kris, Cathy and Darrel all fell asleep under the tents. But Cari, Candy, Lance, Brent and Stephanie were still wide awake and burning up in the heat.

“I can’t take much more of this,” Cari said.

“We can’t give up,” Lance told them. “We’ve got to grin and bear it.”

“I’ve got something we can do,” Brent said, as he opened the trunk.

“We can’t eat the food,” Stephanie said.

Brent pulled out a tackle box that he had in the trunk. “I put this in the night of the storm,” he said. “We can catch the fish and eat them.”

“I’m not eating raw fish,” Candy told Brent.

“I’m with her,” Stephanie said.

“Me too,” Cari agreed.

“You don’t eat it raw,” Lance said. “You cut the fish into strips and put salt water on them.”

“Yeah,” Brent said. “Then they dry out and you eat them.”

“Yuck,” Candy said. “What does it taste like?”

“It tastes like fish with salt on it,” Brent told her.

“I guess it’s worth a try,” Cari said.

“I guess so,” Stephanie agreed.

Lance and Brent both baited up their drop lines and threw them in. After about fifteen minutes Lance got a bite. He pulled a fish into the boat. It was pretty good sized, so Brent killed it. When he took the insides out he was careful to put them in a plastic bag so the blood wouldn’t attract any more sharks. Them Brent cut the fish into strips and Lance dipped them in the salt water and laid them out on the edge of the boat to dry.

About an hour later everyone was awake and they were just waiting for the fish to dry. It was three o’clock and everyone was just sitting in the tent trying to cool off.

To be continued …

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